Physics 123/223: Laboratory Electronics

During the Spring 2014 semester, I was a Teaching Fellow (TF) for Physics 123 and 223, a crash course in analog and digital electronics. I had previously taken the course in Fall 2013. My responsibilities as a TF included assisting during lab sessions twice a week and holding a 3-hour section every other week. The following are excerpts from Harvard’s Q-guide, a course evaluation survey that is conducted anonymously after the semester is over and before final grades are released. The TF’s are unable to see the results until after final grades are submitted.

The full report for the course can be viewed here.

Quick Statistics

Response Rate (Between both classes): 86%
My TF Rating: 4.81/5
Overall Course Rating: 4.56/5
Course Difficulty: 4.21/5

Excerpted Comments

“Jeff dragged us kicking and screaming through this class, and he went above and beyond the call of duty every single week, day in and day out. Hire this man again and don’t let him graduate.”

“Jeff saved my grade in this class. He gave good explanations of concepts and was extremely accessible outside of class.”

“Jeff knew all of the material well and was able to explain things in a clear, helpful manner. He was incredibly helpful, both in doing the homework and in completing the labs. His review sessions before the final were helpful; all of his explanations were clear.”