Other Projects

Here are a few projects that I have done over the years!

(2014, Biologically-Inspired Multi-Agent Computing Project): Developing Multi-Agent Approaches for Active Shape Detection and Analysis


(2014, Interdisciplinary Seminar in Computational Sciences Presentations): An Introduction to N-Body Simulations and Data Privacy

(2012-2013, HHMI Interdisciplinary Undergraduate Fellowship): A Primer to Image Analysis


(2013, Winnebago County Health Department): Trends and Disparities in Homicides and Suicides in Winnebago County from 1968-2010


(2013, Computer Vision Final Project): Segmentation and Identi cation of Traversable Surfaces from Aerial Images for UGV Guidance and Support


(2013, High Performance Computing Final Project): Parallel Simulation of Multicellular Ensembles

(2009-2011): A Spatial Approach to Epidemic Dynamics with Cellular Automata

(Summer 2010; Research Science Institute, Chuang Lab): The Regulation of Gene Expression in Human Populations by Transcription Factor Binding at Enhancer Regions


(2009): Inverting the SIR Model to Study Origins of Novel H1N1


Presented at the 2009 International Mathematica User Conference

(2009): Using 3D Projections to Visualize Multi-Dimensional Objects

Presented at the 2009 International Mathematica User Conference